Friday, March 15, 2019

Snow Days

We had a crazy season of winter here.  In our previous years of living in Wisconsin, we have had one total snow day.  This year we had four.  Two of those were due to extreme cold temperature (actual temps were in the -20's!) I like to think that we made the best of the situations.  On the first day, Grandma Sandy made it into town well before the snow started so she was here while all the kids got to stay home.  They had a blast playing outside in the huge snow mounds and then coming in for lots of lots of baking. Another very cold day we all expected the frigid temperature (and the school call-off) so the older girls had friends over to spend the day. Many batches of puppy chow were made!  At some point, we pulled out ALL of the legos and stored the creations on the dining room table for several days.  The big girls also set up "school" for the twins and they loved learning from them. They had "sleepover nap times too". At meal times we crowded around the kitchen counters/island for a fun change of pace. We are all glad now to see the snow melt away and welcome spring but I hope we look back on this season with some sweet family memories.

Friday, February 08, 2019

New Adventures

We have lots of new happenings in the Ward family...especially for the twins and me.  I officially started last month as the Enrollment Development Coordinator (part-time) at our church school. I am excited to use my social work background and skills to help grow our school--and also to wave hi to Carrigan and Delaney in the hallway! Everly and Grant have started packing their backpacks and lunches two half days a week to attend our school's child care center, right next door to me.  They are a little nervous about the transition but excited for a new place to play. We are all so thankful for this opportunity that God has granted for us.


 Our Delaney-delight turned seven right before Christmas!  What a sweetheart she is!  She was trooper on her actual birthday.  We had set out to drive to Michigan early that morning and we all know that she is NOT a morning person.  We were 20 minutes into our drive and we stopped at Chik-fil-A for her breakfast request...and then we realized that she had forgotten both her glasses and her shoes!
Delaney brings a smile with her wherever she goes and brightens people's day on a regular basis.  Her teacher is always commenting on Delaney's sense of humor--she always gets the jokes that might go over other first grader's heads. She is a kind sister, happily right in the middle of our gang.  She is bright and silly and full of enthusiasm.  Still a tenderheart with a sensitive nature.  She loves school and anything competitive about it. (Watch out Brinnly--she's eyeing your AR record!) Her favorites are still owls, crafts, fairy books,  chicken legs, hot dogs with relish, Eeyore, electric blankets, and sleeping in.  We are so blessed that God placed her in our family and look forward to another year of blessings ahead for her.  We love you so, Delaney Fay Ward!

Christmas 2018

Finally...a few pictures from our Christmas celebrations.  We had such fun trips to Michigan--both over Christmas and then again for New Year's.  I don't have any pictures of the actual Christmas meals and main gatherings, since we were too busy enjoying this time with family to actually stop and take pictures! But we are so blessed to be able to celebrate and then celebrate more!