Saturday, August 04, 2018

Congratulations Lauren!

I haven't been able to download all of main pictures from that event from my good camera yet, but a belated happy birthday AND congratulations to our cousin Lauren!  She graduated from high school on her birthday and now is off to Ball State this fall. We drove down to Indiana to celebrate with her and catch up with family there. We even managed to stop on the way to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day with Grandma Deni and John, who drove there on a flashy new red motorcycle that quite impressed the kids.

 We are so proud of you Lauren! (And here's a few flashback photos of when she wasn't quite so grown up!)

The Kurths were here!

The Kurths were here! Our dear Texan friends visited us this summer for a whole week. We packed in as much as possible during that time with park time, driveway basketball, card games, a date night, a visit to Madison, an overnight at a Dells water park (with the Ryans!) a Brewers game, and a kids' production of a play written by Kaeta. Such a wonderful visit with so many memories.  Here's a few shots and the link to even more pictures.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Kindergarten, Third, Fifth, Sixth Grades--CHECK!

On the first day of June, the older girls wrapped up their last day of school for this year. What a year it was. I cannot say enough good about their wonderful teachers. We are blessed. 

 It was really cold and rainy on that day, so we moved our annual "Last day of school/First day at the pool" to the day before. Poor Grant had gotten sunscreen in his eyes earlier that day, so he didn't enjoy it as much as usual.
 Brinnly won the Accelerated Reader competition again this year--most points for reading (and comprehension) in the whole school!

Our ending Chapel is always beautiful and ends with the teachers presenting the students in each grade to be promoted. Here's Mali shaking our pastor's hand.

And National Donut Day always ends up being on the last day of school!  Another reason to celebrate!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Our Graduate!

Our school did something new this year--a Kindergarten graduation.  It was pretty adorable. Delaney was excited to be on stage, to sing songs with her friends, and turn tassel from one side to another. We all celebrated with cupcakes afterwards to celebrate learning how to read, do math activities, share with each other,  and GoNoodle dance.

We're so proud of this girl!

Friday, June 15, 2018

May Summary

We had a lovely month of May this year and before it gets too far behind us, here were some of the main events:

 Poor Brinnly had a tough several weeks as we struggled to figure out what was causing her to feel so sick. But she came out on top!  After several trips to various office's at Children's Hospital we are fairly confident in the diagnosis of "Abdominal Migraines" and it seems like the medicine is working on her. The twins were caring and gentle helpers while she was sick.

Jonathan turned 40!  He and I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Chicago for dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Publican. It did not disappoint!  The kids were eager to shower him with gifts the next day.
 Grandma Dena came to visit!  Or as Everly calls her "Daddy's grandma!". The twins kept her busy at home playing puzzles at hide-and-seek. The timing also worked out perfectly for her to watch the older girls participate in their Track and Field Day as well as Mali and Brinnly also compete in the annual school Knowledge Bowl that evening. The girls all did great in their competitions (Brinnly and Carrigan broke racing records and our school's team came within one point of winning the Knowledge Bowl). It was such a fun visit!

We made our annual Memorial Day trek to the Ryans' house with unseasonably hot weather. This was the only picture I managed of the weekend since unfortunately the visit included a trip to the ER for Kellie after a fall on wet grass and then a sudden stomach virus for Carrigan. BUT, we managed to have fun with our dear friends even with all of that craziness!

These two have been loving the spring weather! Park visits, trampoline fun, balance bikes, and tree climbing made it a month full of sweet memories.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Go Brewers!

Our whole family (and a few friends) went to a Brewers game last week--Everly and Grant's first one ever! We are so grateful to a family from church who hooked us up with free tickets. Miller Park is always a fun destination and it did not disappoint. We saw fireworks, the older girls made it onto the Jumbotran, the only score was a home run, and the Brewers won. Grant asked the very next morning to go back to another baseball game "with Daddy?" 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Carrigan and Mommy go to Madison!

I had the pleasure of chaperoning Carrigan's field trip to the State Historical Museum and the Capitol  last week. Such fantastic tours!  We learned so much about Wisconsin and both sites were beautiful.  We met our State Assembly representative too and he was gracious in answering questions and providing background on the building as well as the process of governing at the state level. We ended the day with delicious ice cream from Babcock Dairy--I only wish I had a picture of Carrigan's triple-scoop of strawberry!