Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Texas in December

Merry Christmas! But before we get to that post, here are our pictures from our trip to Austin. Enjoy!

(I would make a comment about having our pictures up before the Kurths, but if it wasn't for them, we would have no idea how to store pictures, or even what a blog was).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to take a family Christmas picture

1) Convince your husband that this is a worthwhile way to spend a Saturday afternoon and that it won't be taking him away from football. And no, he is not to wear any Big Team team t-shirt.

2) Find a time when every member of the house is awake and ready to smile.

3) Bribe your neighbor to come over to help with the process. This is a good time to break out the snacks.

4) Attempt to arrange a baby and toddler on the couch with the parents. Convince the toddler that this not time to play with her toys or the neighbor or the camera.

5) After many, many discarded attempts, call over another neighbor, have him hide behind the couch to jump out and "suprise" the baby and toddler to hopefully catch a spontaneous-looking smile.

The result:

Friday, December 14, 2007

Three months old!

Big news this month: she moved into her big-girl crib in the room she shares with Mali. They both love it (as do their parents). If Brinn wakes up in the middle of the night loudly enough to wake Mali too, Mali is ready with the offer of a binky and stuffed animal to share. She also did great on her first airplane trip and had fun in Texas. More pictures of that trip soon. Overall, Brinn is smiley and happy and actually beginning to develop a regular sleep/feeding schedule. And she's still our snuggler!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Don't mess with us (we're going to Texas)

We're off for a family vacation to Austin. We are really excited to eat barbeque and meet up with the cast of Friday Night Lights. (Maybe that last part is just wishful thinking)

Every Friday night we watch our childless neighbors leave for a night out of happy hour and dinner. (No diaper bags! No sippy cups!) We wave and smile at them, knowing that soon it will be bedtime here and we can break out the dessert and watch our new favorite show. It's a small consolation. Did you know that the actor playing "Smash" went to Carnegie Mellon? I'm going to make Jonathan wear his CMU sweatshirt just in case we run into him.

Oh, and while we're in the area, we'll see the Kurths, meet baby Jonah, and be honored to stand as his godparents at his baptism. It's a good thing they live very near where FNL is filmed so we could fit them in.