Friday, September 29, 2017

Summer Fun 2017

We had a fantastic summer. We really enjoyed being home together, swimming a ton, celebrating birthdays, traveling to Michigan and Indiana, and appreciating Milwaukee's attractions. The older girls were a huge help with the twins and Everly and Grant just loved playing with their sisters. Neighbor kids were here often too and it seemed like we were always serving snacks, pulling out board games, or handing them books to read to the twins. In the evenings the middle of our cul-de-sac was the place to be and all of the kids would play their made-up games together. So fun to watch!  Oh, and we remodeled our basement! That just added to the busyness and fullness of our house--construction workers here almost daily. Grant especially loved it.  Thank you Summer 2017 for such lovely memories. ( Here's a link to our Google Photos album of some of my favorite shots of the beautiful warm weather months. )