Friday, March 09, 2018


Remember this sweet little girl?

Now she's a grown up sixth grader and just completed her first clarinet solo ensemble.  She scored a 1 (gold!)  Well done, Amalia!  We're proud of you!

Visitors's Day

It was our school's annual Visitor's Day this week so the twins and I spent the morning shadowing the big girls in their classes. Everly and Grant loved it--and not just the really good snacks.  Mali's sixth grade class presented the message during Chapel and she did a fantastic job as a narrator.  Everly loved sitting at Carrigan's desk with her while Carrigan and the rest of third grade showed off their author and illustrator skills. We then joined Delaney in gym class (Rhythm sticks! Dancing!) and helped Mali decorate her desk during Social Studies class. Brinnly's student teacher in Science class demonstrated a fun new facts game and Brinnly was proud to display how she knew the answers in even the toughest categories. It was a fun day to watch each of them shine!

Wrapping up winter

Here's a few shots of what we've been up to lately:

Everly and Grant at Delaney's Valentine's Party. Everly had more fun than it looks!

The twins have been really enjoying the library story hour and this statue outside of it.

Our boys in matching church clothes.

We got hit hard by the stomach flu--especially Brinnly. Grant was happy to help out by cuddling her, but refused to smile for a picture.

Delaney has been reading constantly! She loves to read to the twins. 

We had enough mild weather days for Grant to master the balance bike.

Grandpa and Grandma Sandy came to visit!  Much fun was had by all and many puzzles were assembled!