Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rollin', Rollin'

Our baby girl has hit a milestone! After a busy morning of hosting our weekly moms-and-kids group (one of those activities planned for kids, but really an excuse for moms to chat), the girls were playing in the living room. I needed to take Mali into the other room for a minute, so I laid Brinn on the floor for a few seconds of tummy-time. When we returned, there she was on her back! I couldn't quite believe it, so we re-positioned her. With the encouragement of me, Mali, and several stuffed animals, she did it again. Isn't she proud of herself?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Five on Friday

1) We had a fun weekend with Kaethe's parents and sister last week, including a stop at our new favorite, "D's Six-Packs and Dogs". It's both kid and parent-friendly! Happy birthday to Kaethe's sister, Kara, as well.

2) Brinnly has been sleep-trained this week. Thank you Dr. Weissbluth! (author of the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child"). She's now taking two good naps a day and only waking once per night to nurse.

3) Mali recognized a picture of Regis Philbin today in the paper. Definitely a sign that this weather needs to stop and we need to get outside and away from daytime TV.

4) I really want to update the spare bedroom/office/playroom. Any suggestions how to best organize a multi-purpose space like that?

5) Jonathan thinks the girls look like Siamese twin in the picture below.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A memory like an...

Amalia and Brinnly woke up Friday morning with the surprise that Aunt Kara had come to visit. We hadn't seen her since Christmas, so Mali especially was a little shy at first. She quickly warmed up when she realized that Aunt Kara had brought her cell phone along. (Mali does make quite a few important phone calls throughout the day). She opened Kara's phone...and started making elephant noises. Why? Kara's previous phone had a picture of Mali in an elephant constume for the wallpaper. This new phone didn't have it, and no one else's phone ever has, but our toddler REMEMBERED that specifically about her aunt's phone.

Now we really have to watch what we say and do around her!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five Months Old

Every mother probably thinks this, but these pictures still don't really capture her personality! Her newest development is actually swallowing rice cereal, rather than just playing with it in her mouth and she feels oh-so-grown-up in her high chair. Suddenly, she is aware when the rest of us are eating and enjoys being at our level.

A special treat today--Jonathan's meeting was canceled and he came home early. Mali and Brinn had played all morning with their friend Jack and right after he left, there was Daddy! Ah, the perks of a snowfall.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Five on Friday

Our friends, The Larsons, have started a tradition of posting "Ten on Tuesdays", a list of ten fascinating facts about them that week. I'm not sure we have ten to talk about, but here's a shortened version:

1) My Uncle Carlos is recovering well from a succesful surgery, although he still has many challenges to overcome. Thanks for your kind thougths and prayers.

2) Mali has become quite a girly-girl lately. She loves wearing her cross necklace that her godparents gave her at her baptism and then showing it for others to admire. Below is an after-bath picture of her in her new pink daisy towel.

3) Brinn ROARS loudly when she's excited. Mali likes the fact her little sister can do a decent lion impression.

4) Both of us gave us desserts for Lent, and I guess that means Mali is too, since there will hopefully not be any in the house.

5) We are compltely addicted to politics right now. Even Brinn got to get up out of bed to watch the primary results. (Only because she needed to eat). Thankfully, that was before Ash Wednesday, so we were able to celebrate "Super Fat Tuesday" with White Chocolate Raspberry bars, compliments of my dear friend and superb cookie-baker, Ruth Meyer.