Thursday, November 14, 2013

First snow of the year!

When we woke up to this winter wonderland the other day, Mali and Brinn quickly packed their snow gear into their school bags and prepared for snow fun at recess.  I had the luxury of staying home with the little girls and exploring it on our own.  
This blonde girl LOVED it and made footprints all throughout the neighborhood on our first winter walk.  She came home and played out on her deck which is her new favorite pasttime.  Speaking of our deck, here's our first view from it:  
And this girl?  Snow is really just an excuse for a wardrobe change for it.  I know it's blurry, but here is a shot of how she dressed for homework time and dinner that night. 

Remembering Grandma Dee

Two weeks ago, our family lost a dear member and heaven gained a new organ accompanist.  We knew that Grandma Dee would not have an easy road ahead after our Papa passed away last March.  They had been married soul mates for 65+ years and I can't imagine living alone after that. After all, these were the couple that other people used as role models for their own marriage!  But she did well until the very last few weeks.  My mom spent time with her near the end and they planned on how all of us could care for her better.  We hoped she would be well enough to move to Michigan.  Our girls cheered when they heard that she requested that.  But instead, God choose to call her Home.

 None of us could be there with her on her very last day, but we are so grateful that her pastors and church friend were there to sing hymns and pray Psalms with her in her final hours.  What a gift of faith and example in that way she was to us.  It was not easy to say good-bye to her but we know that not only does she live on perfectly in heaven, but also in our memories.  In Amalia's independence, Brinnly's love of purple, Carrigan's taste for sauerkraut, Delaney's feisty-ness, and countless other ways. My Aunt Pam wrote the obituary for the memorial service and invited us to picture Papa whirling Grandma Dee around in heaven, much as they did so often on earth, but now dancing upon the clouds. 

"You have turned my mourning into dancing"--Psalm 30:11