Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Calling all potential travel agents...

So, we're trying to plan a trip with our friends, The Kurths. Here's our current criteria:

1) Cheap airfare from both Pittsburgh and Austin, TX.
2) Reasonable hotel room prices, preferably for a two-bedroom suite.
3) Activities that are appropriate for two little adorable girls, that their parents can appreciate as well.

Other than those things, the world is our oyster. Any suggestions?

Monday, November 20, 2006

The basement is done!

After several weeks of ripping down the ceiling, tearing up carpeting, appointments with contractors, trips to Home Depot, and making decorating decisions, our basement project is completed.

It is amazing how hectic life gets when part of your house is under construction. All of the steps you take to avoid that part of the house, all of the time it takes to plan around the repairs, etc. And we had most of the work hired out! Even that takes time and coordination. Since it was so dusty because of the drywalling, we tried to keep Mali out of there for the better part of the week. But that meant that we had to work her schedule around the electrician, the carpeting appointment, the window appointment and everything else. I think any changes to a household routine are even more difficult when there is a baby involved--they seem to pick up on their parents' stress. However, egardless of the process, it is oh-so-rewarding to relax in that space again. And as you can see, Mali is a big fan of the new carpet.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mali's new tricks

Sitting up (almost) by herself

Reading stories with the Terhunes

Smooching Mommy

Calling her friend Timmy to compare exer-saucer notes

Being wild and generally looking cute, especially in an outfit given to her by her godparents. Speaking of, we want to wish our wonderful goddaughter, Kaeta Bernice Kurth a very happy baptismal birthday today!