Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Current obsession...The Hunger Games

This card was going around on Facebook and I couldn't resist.  I usually have no use for fantasy of any kind, but The Hunger Games might possibly be my favorite books ever.  Less than 48 hours until the movie debut!

Madame Mali Curie

There are big expectations in Kindegarten these days.  One example is the "Scientist of the Week" for Mali's class.  When it was our turn, she was to choose an experiment, practice it several times at home, create a visual aid to accompany it, and finally present it in front of her class. Her teacher even videoed it! Science has always sparked curiousity it her and she loved it.  If anyone needs to know how to create "Red Lava Bubbles" now you know the girl to ask.

A Month of Updates

Laney will be three months old tomorrow!  Where has our newborn gone?  And where exactly did the past four weeks go?  We are dangerously close to not having an blog-recording of that time.  So here goes...

The weather has been amazing.  Mali and Brinn have been fighting a little virus, our car was in the shop for two days, and our to-do lists seem to be never-ending, but 80 degrees and sunshine makes it all worth it.  Here are some of my favorite pics from the past few days.  As always, Kellie captures those moments beautifully at her blog here.