Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow? In October?

We had heard that it might snow today but didn't really think anything of it.  Maybe we would see a few flurries mixed with sleet and rain.  Well...this is what awaited us at breakfast time.  By 8:00 am the girls had donned their winter gear and were ready to head out.  It was still falling and gave them enough powder for sledding down our front yard AND making a snow man.  Not to mention covering our mums and pumpkins.  What a beautiful sight, even if we are not quite ready for it.

Grandma Deni! Pumpkin Patch! Mt. Washington!

It was a gorgeous fall weekend for sightseeing and we took full advantage of it.  The actual pumpkin patch left a little to be desired (no one quite does agri-entertainment like West Michigan) but it was still enjoyable.  The Strip District, and a ride on the incline,  and Mt. Washington never fail to impress.  Now if only I had a good picture of the Cinderella profile Grandma Deni carved for the girls...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Blackridge Fall Festival

Have we mentioned how much we love this neighborhood?  Great potluck food, pumpkins, live music, face painting, and beautiful scenery all in our cozy little park.   Come playdate with us there sometime.

Five on Friday

1.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for watching the girls two weekends ago so we could have an early anniversary weekend.  We had a wonderfully luxurious time relaxing at Seven Springs.  The weather was horrible but we didn't mind at all.  The snow Sunday morning at breakfast was a lovely..

2.  Can you read that top line?  It says "Amalia June Ward".  Written, of course, by Amalia June Ward.  She's been writing her first name or nickname for well over a year now, but this was her first attempt at her full name.  I remember so clearly choosing her name before she was born and writing it out to see how it looked in print.  It's even prettier in 5-year-old handwriting.

3.  Speaking of babies, we snagged an opportunity to watch our neighbor's little boy for a few hours the other night.  Good practice. Brinn would really like a baby brother.

4.  Again on the topic of babies, any suggestions for "welcome music" for Baby D.?    We make a CD for each labor/birth and the girls have been having fun listening to the music we chose for each one of them.

5.  One final baby note--a huge congratulations to Baby D.'s future godparents, Matt & Erica Wilson.  Baby Wilson #2 is on the way!   Our prayers are with them for an easy pregnancy and healthy baby this summer.  Johnny is going to be ridiculously adorable as a big brother.