Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Very Happy Mother's Day

We celebrated our first Mother's Day weekend with a wonderful baby shower thrown by family and friends in Michigan. It was so nice to be spoiled by both grandmas, aunts, and everyone else there. For the first time since our wedding, all of our bridesmaids were together--two with brand new babies! The shower theme (created by Grandma Deni) was "Family Tree", complete with pictures of our families throughout the generations tied on to an actual tree from the Shunkwiler's yard and childhood toys from both of us.

We'll post more pictures as soon as we can figure out how to create an album to post--suggestions, anyone?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Welcome music

So we completed our childbirth education boot camp class this past Sunday. Labor can't be too much more exhausting than spending 8 hours learning about it. At least we didn't see any mice in the cafeteria like our friends did at another hospital. The good news is that we really did learn some good information and it was a nice complement to everything our midwives have been teaching us. We have also decided to create a CD to play during the process. Any suggestions on what our baby should hear upon arrival? Post your votes in the comments section. Thanks!

Another year...

The baby's room is finished and now definitely looks less like a University of Michigan fan headquarters. Here is the proud Daddy taking a break after all of his hard work in there. He's modeling the new rocking chair, area rug and diaper bag. Happy 28th Birthday to him also--what an exciting year this will be!