Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A few belly shots

Sixteen weeks (babies are avacado-sized here). This was back in the days when I was starving ALL of the time and would wake up in the middle of night to eat.  I had no idea the amount of calories twins would require.
Twenty weeks and just finishing my (probably) last 10K run.  I am so thankful that I've been in good health during this pregnancy and even able to exercise.  I'm much slower than my usual non-record-setting pace and need plenty of walk/stretch breaks, but it feels so good to move outside in the fresh air. That distance was getting a bit too much for this size though so I'll be scaling it way back from now until March. At least I'll have a good reason to tell the babies someday when they asked what took up so much of my time during pregnancy that prevented me from taking more pictures of them in -utero. :)

Pumpkins (Belated, but fun anyway!)

 Grandma Deni was under the weather during our normally scheduled pumpkin time, but managed to scoot around the lake so we could fit it in during November.  Carrigan was by far the bravest about pumpkin "guts" and everyone had their own unique ideas about what the pumpkins should display. We remembered Mali's first pumpkin carving experience SO many years ago (not really, but it seems like it to us sometimes).  Such a fun tradition--and look how they turned out:

The Pirates of Pinataville

Before it gets too far in the past, here is a quick pic of our budding actress, Amalia before her debut as a pirate in her school musical. Grandma Sandy and Grandpa were able to make it in for the trip and they enjoyed quite a show.  It was great fun to watch Mali's expressions and gestures as a sneaky pirate.  We've been singing "Arrgh! Arrgh..." ever since then.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Back to Work, Tooth Fairy!

And now this one has lost not one, but two teeth!  They happened a day apart from each other and she was brave and proud about it. (It is also a good thing that Baby "E" and Baby "F" were keeping me awake during the night those nights, to help me remember to stash her money under her pillow!)

Happy Halloween...

From a Roman Empress, a Cherry Blossom Princess, a Cheetah, and an Elephant-turned-Butterfly

Five Quick Takes for the Weekend (The Wisconsin Edition)

 1.  Yes, we did move!  And it is lovely.  We are really enjoying the convenient location of our new house (close to school AND Jonathan can walk to work).  Plus, there are tree perfect for climbing.  The girls spend a lot of time in the limbs.

 2.  With a move came some new school changes.  Laney and I just finished a "Mommy and Me" class where she practiced balancing on "tightropes". The older girls are now in 3rd, 2nd, and Kindergarten at Elm Grove Lutheran School. We miss many things about our former school, but we are so blessed about how the transition has gone.  It is clear that God placed them in exactly the right classes with the perfect teachers.

 3.  This crew!  We live in the same state as them.  Pizza night!  Play dates!  How many reasons can we find to travel between Milwaukee and Madison? 

4.  We were lucky enough to move in the fantastic month of September so we had at least one day to soak up the wonderful sunshine and experience this side of Lake Michigan.  This is truly a beautiful state. 

5.  But the best part, by far, is being closer to all of our Michigan/Indiana family.  We've loved how often they travel here and we can make it there quickly. It may not be next door, but it is close for us and that's pretty special.

(Especially if Dr. Brinnly or any one else need to report for duty on a family member patient!)