Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quirky Girls

 Just a quick update about what's making each of them special these days:
Amalia is seeming so grown-up lately. She recently ditched all PBS shows in favor of any and all princess movies. Sleeping Beauty is usually the favorite since it has both fairies and a princess. Mal-Doll is getting really close to reading and we've been working on phonics lessons, memory work, and beginning math with her. She can now read "mat", "sat" and "at" and is pretty darn proud of herself.
"The Bugs" is as cuddly as ever and still spends a lot of her time in a fancy princess dress dancing around the house. She continues to be the pickiest eater of the trio and often decides to talk through dinner rather than actually eating.  Both she and Mali LOVE helping Daddy with home-improvement projects and Brinn asks everybody involved during the project "So, how's it going, Dad?  And how's it going for you, Mali?  Etc.  She's very intentional with her family and freinds.
And this one...quirk-y! She cuddles us first thing every morning but then basically jumps down and spends the rest of her day running and climbing.  The higher, the better.  She now calls her sisters "Ma-hee" and "Buggy" and also delights in her friends, "Jack-Jack", "Ga" and "Baby". (Also known as Jack, Gail, and Iris Ryan)  We have no idea where it came from but her current favorite game is "blind girl" where she squeezes her eyes shut, puts her hands out in front of her and feels around where she's going.  Where does she come up with this stuff?