Friday, March 27, 2009

We're State fans today!

We have watched an embarrassingly small amount of NCAA basketball this season. Partly due to the fact that without cable, our CBS channel leaves much to the imagination. But tonight we have plans to watch the game with friends and enjoy some needed relaxation.

I read a quote in the paper the other day that said something about this being the time of year that Michigan State fans relish while Michigan fans get spring football fever. We are choosing to side with the Spartans today (and Pitt, of course) and rejoice in anything the state of Michigan has to be celebrate. To help that cause, Jonathan is waiting to hear back from a job interview in Lansing from earlier this week. Close enough to East Lansing to make us wear green tonight.

What's more? We get to welcome our friends' JR and Amanda Yingst's new baby boy into the world this afternoon. Stay tuned for adorable pictures. And we have had two crocus-sightings this week.

Spring is here! Things are looking up. Go MSU!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddy!

There once was a little girl named Amalia. She loved playing with her mommy's friend Kellie on Thursdays while Mommy worked, but she wanted a special friend of her own.

So she was very excited when Kellie and her husband Mike welcomed baby Jack into their family two years ago yesterday! Mali tried very hard to be gentle around Jack the first time she met him. (That was probably the last time she was ever bigger than him).

Jack became the favorite visitor to Mali's house and together they shared stuffed animals, books, push cars, blocks, and whatever snacks Kellie would pack in their bag. When Mali's baby sister Brinnly arrived, she too loved Jack's attention and he was as sweet as ever to her.

One special day last June, Jack came to play with Amalia and Brinnly all day. When his daddy came to pick him up that night he had a special surprise for him--Jack's sister Abigail had arrived! The girls had so much fun welcoming her and watching Jack thrive in his big brother role.

Even now, when there are way too many miles separating Mali and Jack (and their sisters and parents) they are still best buddies. She prays for him every night, includes him in most conversations, and loves a good phone conversation with him. Hopefully an in-person visit will happen again soon. Have a wonderful birthday Jack! We love you!

(Note--this post was supposed to include pictures but our desktop computer is only halfway repaired, making that impossible. Next time, Jack, next time)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

20 Weeks

We're halfway there!