Monday, July 23, 2007

The guessing game

Click on the icon at the right to make your best guess about our baby's arrival stats. After the birth, the website tallies everyone's guess points and declares an official winner. Just for the record, Kaethe has entered exactly two of these games previously and was the winner in not one, but both of them! One family was so impressed, they even named the baby after her. (Okay, that's a stretch). We'll promise the winner of this game a ride in our new vehicle!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scenes from a baptism...and another birthday party

We were honored to serve as godparents at Madeline Yingst's baptism last week, plus it was a great excuse for a chance to celebrate Mali's birthday with her daddy's family. Another great trip!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Great expectations...

Our kids have yet another new friend on the way! We are especially excited to track this one's arrival and love checking this ADORABLE blog for updates. The proud parents are our former neighbors, Nick and Becky. Coincidentally, Becky introduced me to the the Kate Havnevik song "Nowhere Warm" while I was pregnant (and overdue) with Mali. The words to the refrain are:

"And I’m sure you’re on your way
Yes, I’m sure you’re on the road
And I’m sure you’re faster than before
Yes, I know you’re somewhere on the road"

Isn't that great while you are expecting a child? It was played many times in our house last June and even during labor as well.

We can't wait to meet you "little spring roll"! We know that you're on your way.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Going, going...GONE!

As we mentioned, we're currently in the market for a new vehicle. Since the time to take care of things before the baby arrives is quickly disappearing, we thought we would speed of the process and list our car for sale on We had no idea what we were getting into.

Within 24 hours, we had 15+ contacts regarding the car. Remember, this is a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire, with 187,000 miles! One person called at 9:30 pm and said that if we would drive the car to meet him right then, he would give us cash on the spot. We chose not to take him up on that offer, for obvious reasons (not just the fact that we usually go to bed at that time).

By the next day, a family came over to test-drive. The 17-year-old daughter was ecstatic that the color coordinated with her softball uniforms and the 10-year-old liked the fact that it matched her blue slurpee. Less than THREE HOURS LATER they had agreed to our asking price, we had completed the title transaction at AAA, and the money was deposited in our account. (During this process we received several more offers of people to pay cash immediately for the car if that buyer didn't work out). Was it supposed to be that easy? The new buyers then had to take us home, considering that was the beginning of our car-less-ness.

So, now we're mourning the loss of the car that I bought right after starting my first real career job, that we drove to Michigan to get married, moved to Waukesha and to our two homes in Pittsburgh, and even used to bring Mali home in from the hospital. Thankfully we have generous neighbors who are lending us a car for a few days until we finalize the transaction for our new one. And maybe we should consider opening a used-car lot.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Another birthday

One year ago today, Amalia was baptized at our parish, First Trinity Lutheran Church. What a beautiful service and great celebration that was! We plan to remember that today by lighting her baptismal candle and saying a special prayer. Other than that, we're out of ideas. Does anybody have any other suggestions for baptismal recognition celebrations?

We did start the day with a sonogram and finally heard the news we were waiting for--the baby's growth is good and everything looks healthy. The next time we go to Allegheny General Hospital, we plan to leave with our baby!