Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Happenings

1)  The Ryans were here! Visiting with them is always a treat, and here's a shot of the kids playing cards while waiting for gingerbread scones to come out of the oven. I made a double-batch for breakfast and there was literally not even a crumb left over. Mali and I stumbled on it in a Taste of Home Cookbook (Thanks, Kara!) and it was a hit.

 2) The tree is up and still standing, even with all of the twins' antics around it. Here's Everly hanging ornaments that her Grandma Deni sewed with Everly's Aunt Amber was a toddler.
 3) We have not one, but TWO EGL Wildcats on the basketball team this year!  Both Mali and Brinnly made a great showing at their first game. Brinn had great playing time and attempted three shots. Mali managed a steal and drove it down the court and scored her first ever two points. Ice cream all around afterwards!
 4) It woudn't be December without some round of sicknesses.  Thankfully, this was a mild virus that hit all kids but Delaney. These two cuddle-bugs comforted each other.

5) Our new Sunday evening in Advent tradition is hot chocolate after the twins are in bed. We light the Advent wreath, the Christmas tree, and start the fire in the fireplace Then we huddle on the living room couch and soak it all up. We look forward to it all week!