Friday, February 08, 2013

Brinnly after school

 Brinn's new deal is to rush upstairs after Kindergarten and change from her uniform into "dance clothes".  She then proceeds to practice her moves, usually with a tambourine, for a good amount of time before lunch.  I recently downloaded a playlist from the "Run Like a Mother" blog, so her songs of choices are ones chosen for mamas training for upcoming races.  No matter.  She can groove to anything, that girl.  She claims this puts her in a better mood for lunch. I'm not telling her that her Aunt Kara says she looks like she's "Sweatin' to the Oldies".

Thursday, February 07, 2013

More Walking!

And what happens while Jonathan attempts to watch the Superbowl.  To be fair, the girls usually do play good attention during Steeler and Badger games, but we really were without a team to cheer for in this one.

Delaney Walks!

Now if only her mommy could learn to take video from a proper angle....

Friday, February 01, 2013

My big girl

Never to be described as a "cuddly", we must admit that this one has been pretty darn affectionate lately.  Especially to her mama.  What a gift.

Five to start out February!

1.  February is historically my least favorite month (no offense to those who celebrate birthdays then ,KARA) but this past January was unexpectedly hectic so we're glad to put it behind us and move on to brighter seasons.   As my dear friend Ruth and I say/text/FB to each other every first day of the month "Rabbit, Rabbit!"

 2)  Our January weekends were lucky enough to include a visit from this little studmuffin and his family. We love catching up the Wilsons!

3.  This week also wraps up National Lutheran Schools Week.  As posted on Facebook by one of our girls' teachers:   Lutheran Schools are driven by a commitment to the Gospel. That's 229,571 students hearing the message of salvation in Christ Jesus. ~ courtesy of the LCMS.  

My girls celebrated with a zillion different dress-up days (I barely managed to keep them straight!), a field trip to the Science Center, a Ezra Jack Keats day, and Bring a Friend Day today.  Tonight we are off to an ice cream social.  


5) It's been a while since the Wards have posted a BIG, LIFE-CHANGING announcement.  Don't worry, we've got one in the works.  Another reason January was so busy.  (Hint--get your address books ready for a *slight* modification)