Monday, June 15, 2015

Another school year down!

Remember these little girls?  Now they are officially a fourth, third and first grader! This school year involved not only a cross-country move to a brand new school but also new babies in the family. I've already gushed about our school many times but it bears repeating what a blessing it was for us this year.  Carrigan's teacher had the entire class reading by mid-year and sparked a confidence in Carrigan we've never seen before. Brinnly's class was filled with girls and only one boy--and proved to be a fun example to her of what her family now looks like!  She and her two closest friends loved challenging each other in AR tests with the teacher's massive classroom library.  And Mali beamed most days about school and worked really hard to meet her lovely teacher's high standards. We had a fun first week of summer vacation and are all thankful that it is time for VBS now. 
I did not manage to get a last day picture of Brinn with her sweet teacher since their class scampered to the playground right after the closing chapel. (They all refused to go back to the classroom since they weren't second graders anymore!) Thankfully, we'll see her at church this summer.  But here's a picture of our one late-sleeper pajama girl anyway--she may miss school but she does love not having a morning rush!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Vacation Day #3

High 5's after Carrigan's T-ball game

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Three Months Old

One year ago we were praying that God would bless our family with a new member.  Little did we know we would hit the baby jackpot! Now they are smiling and cooing and starting to actually enjoy life.  Sometimes. They are great sleepers if we can just get them nursed and swaddled at the *exact* right moment. They love their big sisters tremendously. Several (gracious!) families at church this week remarked on how good the older girls were with them and we tend to agree. Hopefully that distracted from Grant's loud screaming during the service too. We love these little screamers so!
We couldn't manage to get them both awake, haapy, and dressed in cute outfits for today's Pooh picture shot, so here's one of them in sleepers.  Basically yoga pants for babies!
Church outfits from last week--so dear!

Summer Vacation Day #2

Everly's first big girl bath--with lots of helpers.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Summer Vacation Day #1

My biggest girls made rhubarb muffins all by theirselves today! (The blue/green added food color was theie own idea.)

Friday, June 05, 2015

May Recap

This May included the important ingredients of flowers, birthdays, rum cake, mud runs, celebrations, and rhubarb bars, baby cuddles.  We ended on a water-play note and plan to enjoy that for the rest of the summer!