Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Three Months Old

One year ago we were praying that God would bless our family with a new member.  Little did we know we would hit the baby jackpot! Now they are smiling and cooing and starting to actually enjoy life.  Sometimes. They are great sleepers if we can just get them nursed and swaddled at the *exact* right moment. They love their big sisters tremendously. Several (gracious!) families at church this week remarked on how good the older girls were with them and we tend to agree. Hopefully that distracted from Grant's loud screaming during the service too. We love these little screamers so!
We couldn't manage to get them both awake, haapy, and dressed in cute outfits for today's Pooh picture shot, so here's one of them in sleepers.  Basically yoga pants for babies!
Church outfits from last week--so dear!

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