Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to the world, Julia Marie!

We are beyond excited to announce the arrival of our new neice (and cousin), Julia Marie Wissing!  She arrived early in the morning on February 24th, healthy and beautiful with long curly hair.  There will be many, many more pictures to follow, but until then, here's the results of our official family poll.

Congratulations, Josh and Kara.  She is one much-loved little girl.

A Taste of Spring with Grandma Deni

 The sun actually came out for a day or so last weekend and what good timing that was.  Grandma Deni arrived by 'choo choo" and everyone but me took advantage of the free day at Phipps.  (Thanks for nothing, stomach flu!  Wasn't once enough for this winter?) The girls were super excited to have a granddaughter sleepover in the basement with their Grandma and everyone actually slept!  We wrapped up the visit with a yummy dinner out at a new Hibachi place and lots of couch cuddles.  Thanks for the fun, Baba Deni!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Children's Museum

I had forgotten how much I loved this place! We were thankful to be able to take advantage of the free day there this past weekend.  It seemed really strange to be there without the Ryan family alongside, and we are grateful to have such sweet memories there. The place was packed, but the newly improved waterplay area was manageable and our girls worked HARD at having fun there.  They were so wiped out afterwards that Brinn fell asleep on the basement floor during naptime that day and Carrigan did the same that evening on my lap in the midst of visiting with neighbors. Such fun!

A few more winter fun shots

Five for a snow day

1) I have officially lost count of how many snow days we have had.  Last week we had a full week at school, but that was our only one since Christmas.

2) We feel a little like this guy:

3) Good thing our neighborhood does have some great snow hills nearby.

4) Two weeks ago, our school held an "Education Fair" where each class chose a country to portray, Olympic-style".  Part of Brinnly's assignment was to do a display of something in Canada (the first grade country).  The snow day before the projects were due was a big help!

5)  We also spent that day putting together a very special care package for an even more special baby due to arrive in six days or less!

Carnegie Science Center--space ships, submarines, and skylines