Friday, March 21, 2014

Early Morning Playtime

We had the pleasure of hosting two choir students from Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw, MI, following their fantastic performance the other night. The only caveat was that they had to be back up at school by 7:00 am.  We had hoped our girls would sleep in and just take the bust to school, but they wouldn't pass the opportunity for more socializing with the high school girls to by pass. That did leave us with about a half-hour of time to kill before school started.  Good thing there's a pretty cool toddler classroom in the school building--and pajamas are even occasionally allowed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Junie B. Jones On Stage

It was a weekend of performances for the Ward family.  The night after the talent show we headed downtown to the gorgeous Byham Theater for the new musical Junie B. Jones.  I'm pretty sure we have read every single one of those sassy books so it was really fun to see it on stage.  Our seats were in the upper balcony so we couldn't see much of the actor's facial expressions but the music (and jokes) were great.  We stopped on the way home for some pizza-by-the-slice and a quick photo op in a downtown courtyard.  City living at it's best!

(That's Laney in the blue hat next to me, turning away so her daddy couldn't snap a picture of her. Junie B. would be proud of that sassiness).

Off to the Dentist

Look who's old enough to visit the dentist now!  She was eager as could be and complied right along with the exam.  Her teeth looked great, molars are coming in, and she left with a blue toothbrush and red matchbox car.

Second Grade's Got Talent

Our favorite second grader along with three of her friends made their talent show debut last Friday night.  They choreographed their own gymnastics routine to about 90 seconds of a One Direction song. 

Mali cartwheeled her heart out on stage was pleasantly surprised when they were awarded third place.  She was so proud of her certificate and Rita's gift card!  Her dad and I thought her beaming smiles that whole night were a prize as well.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Big Performance

I'm not sure why this is in fast-forward speed, but here's a clip of Mali's talent show debut.  The speed makes it even more impressive. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunshine, ice, and mud

All mixed together. Such is March.

Thursday, March 06, 2014


She really, really loves her, but sometimes it's hard to not be the baby of the (extended) family...

Welcoming Julia