Friday, May 13, 2011

Five on Friday

1) How is it already the middle of May?  I just posted our Easter pictures and that was two holidays ago.  Right after Easter, we celebrated Jonathan turing the big 3-3.  By his request, we had a quiet (yeah, right.  How quiet is it ever here?) night in and the girls and I made shrimp cobb salad, egg rolls, and a grasshopper cheesecake for him.  It was fun to spoil him for a change.

2) For Mother's Day last Sunday, my girls made me a crown of fresh flowers which was beyond sweet.  They prepared a scavenger hunt of gifts for me the night before, but didn't manage to let Jonathan in on the surprise, so it took a little longer than expected. But I was also spoiled with several lovely girly-gifts.  My family knows how to please.

3) Spring, or should I say, summer arrived this week.  We've been outside soaking up sun as much as possible. I think Pittsburgh has the best parks of any city around.

4) The time we've been spending indoors for the past three months or so (seriously!) has been made easier by the delightful series of books "The Magic Tree House Collection" by Mary Pope Osborne. My girls are hooked on these chapter books and I love that they are being introduced to so many time periods and cultures.  And a huge shout-out goes to their audiobooks which make naptime a breeze for the older two.

5) It's decision time around here.  We've lived in our current home now for three whole months. Our GR house has been rented to four college students whom we hope have great housekeeping skills and mow the lawn regularly.  (If you live anywhere near GR, please free free to drive past there and give us regular updates).  We've been looking at housing options for the past two and a half months, or so.  But, settling down sounds good to us right now.  We're going to stay put here, in our rented Blackridge colonial, and start fixing up a few things and putting our colors on the walls.  Come visit us and check out our avocado-colored family room, covered side porch,  and quaint neighborhood.  It's starting to feel like home. 

Our Easter in Pictures