Saturday, December 01, 2018

Speech and Spelling

Amalia and Brinnly took place in their school's annual "Speech and Spelling Competition" this year.  It was fun to watch them prepare for the big event! They both did really well in their group dialogues and Brinnly advanced to the regional level along with her partner.  Here is a clip of their performance together:

Energy Levels

The twins have a new thing of asking people "What is your energy?" They started it after accompanying their sisters to annual check-ups...I think they mean it to be something like pulse or heart rate.  But in case anyone is wondering, the energy level around here is usually pretty high!

First Snow

The kids took full advantage of the early November snow this year and went sledding to their heart's content. The poor hill was basically covered in mud afterward but they certainly had fun.

Quote of the Day, by Everly

"Mommy, can Grant and I have some of that familiar yogurt for breakfast?"  (Vanilla yogurt that is.  Which I guess in familiar in some way!)

Quote of the Day

This sweetie just lost her third tooth!  Just when we thought she couldn't get any cuter! 

And completely unrelated, Delaney also told me the other day that her wedding is going to be really affordable.  "I'm going wear your wedding dress Mommy, not do my hair, and for dinner...well, you can just cook something up in the Instant Pot"! 

Friday, October 26, 2018

(Almost) Halloween

It is not the official holiday yet but between Character Day at one school and Trunk or Treat at the other school there have been lots of chances to dress up.  Grant had his heart set on a Red Power Ranger costume and was not impressed when the first one we ordered came in looking way too much "like a baby". He and Everly quickly stuffed it back in the Amazon box!  Everly herself was determined to be a "fancy lady" but that's too much like she is every day, so she ended up being Little Red Riding Hood.  Carrigan surprised her siblings and matched Grant as a Power Ranger.  And Delaney was a very sweet Steelers cheerleader!

Growing Up!

Fall fun

October has been a wonderfully full month. We fit in all of our favorite traditions so far--pumpkins with Grandma Deni, Race for Education with Grandma Sandy, and trunk or treat at school. Brinnly wrapped up her volleyball season and can be proud of all of her improvements. We cheered on our Brewers until the very end of the season and are already looking forward to Opening Day next spring.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Brew Crew!

Our family has loved cheering on our Milwaukee Brewers this season.  We have been to four games and each one has been thrilling to watch. Miller Park is a fantastic venue and all of the kids look forward to our walk in under the bridge, the sausage races, the seventh-inning stretch, the polka break,  the indoor play area, and the many snacks that we are able to bring in. We are so hopeful that they are on their way to the World Series!

Mali telling Everly what to expect at the game later

Silly boys! 

 This was Everly after the sausage race.  She is a die-hard Chorizo fan.  Unfortunately, the Bratwurst won this round.