Monday, August 30, 2010

Our weekend with Grandma Dena

A weekend filled with gardens, sculpture, red rover, stories, and giggles--all shared with our girls' Great-Grandma.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcoming 3 Wilsons

Eight years ago we moved to Pittsburgh and pretty quickly formed some life-long friendships. And now we're spread all over the country and our families have grown by leaps and bounds. One of our friends from there, John Hogg, is originally from the Grand Rapids area and was married here last weekend. As exciting as that was, the best part for us was that it brought our godson, Matt and his wife Erica here to stand up in the wedding. We would have loved to actually meet their son, Johnny Dean Wilson, but he decided to wait this trip out. Probably for the best, considering their doctor and hospital were 10 hours away. Now that Matt and Erica are safely back home, we would be happy to get a "he's here!" phone call any time now. Especially since our girls gave Matt & Erica lots and lots and lots of hands-on parenting practice.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sandy Pines Weekends 1 & 2

The girls donned their raccoon shirts for an overnight camping trip with Grandma Deni earlier this month. We roasted enormous marshmallows, enjoyed a campfire, slept pretty well in the tent, and had a blast at the water park the next day. To top things off, Grandma Deni came back up there the next weekend with our favorite little cousins on that side of the family. What a treat to spend some time with Trent and Lauren even though they're not allowed to come next time unless they bring their parents so we can catch up with them too.

Tucker Family Reunion 2010

We traveled up to Tower, MI to reconnect with my Grandma Opal's sibling's family. Our lines of family was dressed in pink in honor of Grandma Opal and the big girls loved drawing raffle tickets. Carrigan was the youngest Tucker relative there and her great-great Uncle Jack was the eldest. Somehow, we all survived the drive back home.

Sunday, August 01, 2010