Friday, March 31, 2017

Five on Friday (In no particular order)

1) We've had a crazy range of weather over the past several weeks. We soaked up one warm weekend and headed to the the park and later on to the Beer Garden that unexpectedly opened up.

 2) The twins are usually handfuls in the library when we go for a toddler playgroup, but they just love this sculpture outside of the entrance.
 3) Happy belated birthday to our dear sweet niece Julia! We had such fun celebrating a train restaurant for her birthday. That is, once Everly stopped saying "No present Ju-Ju. Present for EVE!"
 4) Grant loves everything basketball these days. We went to a Family Fun Night at the Y and he dabbled in the games and bounce house but really just wanted to shoot baskets.
 5) We're back from an epic spring break road trip to Texas!  The kids are did great in the car (the adults too!) and we were so thankful for the opportunity to visit dear friends. Lots more pictures to follow!

Birthday Party Pics

These are a bit overdue but we had such fun celebrating the twins' birthday with the family!

Plus, here they are on their actual birthday:

Two! Two!

Two years ago we were all so anxiously awaiting the huge update to our family. We had two blue and two pink hats packed in the hospital bag so we were prepared for any possible outcome.  Grandmas were both in town, big sisters were ready and waiting at school, and all was in place.

And then at 3:30 pm Everly Faith (soon to be changed to Everly Lou) made her appearance into the world and we were overjoyed to see how strong, healthy, and beautiful she was, especially grateful knowing that she was the smaller twin. At 3:39 our family totally changed when Grant Jonathan arrived in all of his handsome chunkiness.  A daughter! A son!  A sister and a brother for our big girls!  Such wonderful blessings.

The past two years have been a blur of cuddles, cries, swaddling, white noise, feedings, screams, giggles, naps, and fun. Everly and Grant were born with feisty, intense temperaments that will certainly serve them will as they navigate through life.  We've learned more patience and understanding through them and in turn have been blessed by their sweet love and caring. We've never laughed more than when they are around. At their birthday party last weekend, they were SUCH delights. Opening presents, playing with new toys, cuddling grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and sisters.  They chatter away constantly and their voices can't help but make you smile.  Joy times two.

Everly is a fierce, chatty, sweetheart of a girl. We laugh that she wakes up every morning "fully caffeinated" and ready to take on the world. She usually has a precise idea of how any given activity should go and likes to make sure things go as planned. She adores her sisters and greets them with excitement and hugs after they've been apart. She loves her brother too but does NOT appreciate how he knows exactly how to push her buttons. She is in the middle of a word explosion and reads her books right along with us. She calls herself "Eve" and has a good attempt at saying "brother". She loves cuddling her "babies", playing outside, talking on the phone, the color purple, and most foods.  We simply can't imagine our life with our "LuLu".

Grant is a charming little rascal. He's not as much of a morning guy and usually needs his blue blankie to help him adjust to a new day. But once he's up he's full of energy and always looking for a ball to play, a car to zoom, or something to climb. He loves the outdoors in any weather and cold or snow doesn't phase him.  He too, loves his sisters and especially loves snuggling up on the couch with them to watch TV. He's quite the couch potato at some times. And of course he loves wrestling his daddy--especially since Everly doesn't really seem interested in his wrestling moves. His favorite things in life are still vacuums, dogs, most foods, playgrounds, and football or basketball games. He is as cuddly as he was when he was a baby and of course, we can't imagine our life without our "buddy-boy" in it.

Happy birthday Everly! Happy birthday Grant!  You are both so very loved.