Friday, March 31, 2017

Five on Friday (In no particular order)

1) We've had a crazy range of weather over the past several weeks. We soaked up one warm weekend and headed to the the park and later on to the Beer Garden that unexpectedly opened up.

 2) The twins are usually handfuls in the library when we go for a toddler playgroup, but they just love this sculpture outside of the entrance.
 3) Happy belated birthday to our dear sweet niece Julia! We had such fun celebrating a train restaurant for her birthday. That is, once Everly stopped saying "No present Ju-Ju. Present for EVE!"
 4) Grant loves everything basketball these days. We went to a Family Fun Night at the Y and he dabbled in the games and bounce house but really just wanted to shoot baskets.
 5) We're back from an epic spring break road trip to Texas!  The kids are did great in the car (the adults too!) and we were so thankful for the opportunity to visit dear friends. Lots more pictures to follow!

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