Friday, May 26, 2017

Five on Friday for May

1) This blurry picture is Everly doing her supermodel pose.  She's such a diva lately.  Her favorite phrases are "Oh my gosh", "Seriously?" and a song she made up called "And I mean it?"
 2) The girls wrapped up their year of AR (Accelerated Reading--a program that rewards students for books read) last week. I went to bed after 10 and found this girl there, trying to cram a few last chapters in before the morning deadline.
 3)  Track and Field Day was another success. The weather was beautiful and all girls did well in their events. Carrigan broke a record in the 400M--the second year in a row!

 4) My Mother's Day Tea with Delaney's class was the sweetest thing ever. She even chose our matching outfits!
 5) And here's a few shots of new places we've discovered lately. A great park and new playspace at a "nearby" library.

Spring Holidays in Pictures

Here's a few shots of our Easter and birthday celebrations.  So many blessings this time of year! We are always thankful when this season comes around. Christ is Risen!  He is risen indeed!