Saturday, April 20, 2013

We're in! (Almost!)

I can't seem to find my camera in either of our two houses, so here's five quick takes about our move so far...

1)  Our first meal in the new house was Pizza Night with the Ryans on Thursday.  What better way to break in the place?  The weather was glorious and the kids romped throughout the backyard while the grown-ups had pizza on the deck.

2)  Speaking of the Ryans, we all wish Kellie a very happy (belated) birthday on yesterday.  I meant to have all of us sing to her over the chocolate cake on Thursday night, but we were distracted by the dads carrying in huge couches and TV's.  Not to mention the eight children scampering about.  Happy Birthday Kellie--we are blessed by you in so many ways.

3)  We spent our first night here last night--the four girls in their own room together.  It was hard for everyone to sleep with the big girls teaching Laney the "If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands" song.  (I stopped moving kitchen stuff downstairs to clap along too.)

4)  Laney was pretty excited to wake up and see everyone in the same room.  "Hi!  Hi!" is what we heard.

5)  Breakfast this morning?  The leftover pizza from Pizza Night since no other food has been moved in.  A dream come true for Laney.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Easter Joys

He is Risen!

Just so we don't forget these gems

On our early, early, early morning car ride to Michigan, Brinn had two requests:

1) Seaweed Salad
2) The book "Joy to the World" from the library.  Nothing says Easter like a book on Christmas carols.

We arrived to Berrien Springs and it was all of 40 degrees.  The girls ran to play outside, regardless of their short-sleeved shirts.  Mali came back in five minutes later.  We assumed it was for a coat.  No.  She really, really wanted water balloons.  When we turned her down, she pleaded her case for the sprinkler.  Where does she get such warm blood? 

Carrigan barely survived the fear that is the Ohio Turnpike's Rest Areas.  (In case you didn't know, their bathrooms have automatic flushes.  Terrifying to her!)  On the way home, she requested that soon we could go to her godparents' house (in Grand Rapids), but leave in the middle of the night and watch DVD's.  But, please, could we make sure that Ice Age was not one of those DVD's.  We'll get right on those requests as well.  Just after we serve up some seaweed salad.

Grandpa's Birthday! Time for chocolate cake!

We are especially grateful for grandpa's this year and it's always nice to celebrate the guy that gives of himself so often.  But really, does our family need an excuse to indulge in chocolate? 

Happy Birthday, Dad/Grandpa!  Goofiness and all, you really are the best.