Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eight Months Old

She rolls all over the house and waves hello when she's in the right mood. This month she really developed a preference for bananas, finely diced grapes, watermelon, and sweet breads. On the double, of course! Thankfully, she's gone back to taking the occasional bottle when she's away from her mama and handles separations like that in stride. Now if we could only get her to be quiet in church...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little girls with hats and guitars

Our little girl with an Irish name had her unofficial "coming-out" party of sorts on St. Patrick's Day. Her three-and-a-half (!) hour nap that day put her in great shape to dance the evening away at the local Casino Club. It was also our little friend Eliana's third birthday and all of the kids were excited to celebrate with music and green cupcakes. Their chicken-dance skills have now been refined to be on display for summer weddings!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remembering Uncle Ron

We lost a dear member of our family this month. Jonathan's great-uncle Ron passed away and Jonathan traveled to Seattle last weekend for his funeral. Although he lived a good distance away from us, he was always intentional and generous with keeping in touch. We wish our daughters could have known him and his lovely wife, Aunt Sarah. From his example, we learned to the importance of character, the special relationships of siblings, and devotion to the University of Michigan.

(the following is an excerpt from the obituary that appeared in the Seattle Times)

Ron was a remarkable man and will be missed by family and many friends and neighbors. He is preceded in death by his beloved wife Sarah, and parents Roy and Esther. He is survived by daughters Monica, of Redmond, WA, and Valerie of Seattle; sisters Dena Ward and Grace Park of Michigan, three sisters-in-law and many nieces and nephews. Ron led an active life full of highs and lows. He was born and raised in Niles , MI. Ron's father died when Ron was 10 years old, which forged a very close relationship between Ron and his mother. Ron was high school class president and played on the basketball team. He joined the Army in 1950 and with the GI Bill attended the University of Michigan, where he earned a degree in journalism. He wrote for the Ann Arbor News and for Businessweek magazine, and then worked for Michigan Congressman Marvin Esch in Washington , D.C. , where he met Sarah and married in 1972. He raised his daughters in Ann Arbor, MI before the family moved to Monroe, WA., in 1992. Ron retired from his job as a railroad lobbyist in 1989 after a near-fatal closed-head injury. He filled his retirement with Kiwanis club, local charities, faith and family. He was a lifelong lover of Michigan football, history, and classic movies. He was a devoted supporter of many charities, particularly those addressing poverty. Ron faced the challenges in his life with courage and grace, and a heart full of love. He spoke of his daughters to everyone, and after his wife's death he never removed his wedding ring. He prayed daily, never asking for anything for himself, always thanking God for his many blessings