Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day Fun

Before Mali turned three we had a few other big events to celebrate that I'm trying to go back and recapt with pictures. We spent the last two weekends in Berrien Springs with both families and enjoyed lots of eating, parties, and swimming. And we love the daddies in our lives!

Friday, June 26, 2009


She made us parents. And now, three years later, she fills our life with giggles, conversation, and the occasional tantrum. Her favorite things in life are her sister, Baby Sprinkes, the color orange, parties, applesauce, riding her bike, being spoiled by grandparents, the TV show Caillou, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. She has no tolerance for tomatoes, potatoes, squash, insects of any kind, or anyone invading her space (i.e. Mommy or Daddy requesting too many cuddles). We look forward to her starting preschool this year and shining even more as the biggest sister in the family. We love you Amalia June Ward!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Four on Wednesday

1) Happy Birthday to Aunt Amber today! The girls still always giggle and say "ding dong, who's here?" remembering playing with the Little People house with you. They can't wait to be your flower girls!

2) The Ryans were here last week! Even though Brinnly took a bad spill off of Mali's bike (Mali was driving it) approximately two seconds before Mike, Kellie, Jack, and Abigail pulled into the driveway, their visit was a breath of fresh air. We gobbled up ice cream and each minute with such special friends. Why must Grand Rapids and Pittsburgh be so far apart?

3) The girls started Vacation Bible School this week at our church. I love the teaching and fellowship...and the good naps following.

4) Last weekend: travel to Berrien Springs, cousin's bridal shower, sister's birthday dinner, Father's Day, AND Jonathan painted the kids' room. This weekend: travel to Berrien Springs, cousin's bridal shower, and Mali's birthday party. Whew. Anytime after that the baby can come.

Monday, June 08, 2009

How to Talk to a Pregnant Woman, Courtesy of the Kurths

Now that I'm only six weeks away from my due date, I thought I would revisit my friend Karianne's post on appropriate pregnancy responses. Especially since when someone at the YMCA this weekend noticed my belly and my two toddlers and asked, "Are you INSANE?". Later, Jonathan suggested that an appropriate response would have been "Better insane than rude". Anyway, here are The Kurth's guidelines which I wholeheardly support.

The Blue Wire: Things that are (almost) always okay to say to a pregnant woman
5. How are you feeling?
4. You have such a cute pregnant belly.
3. You are so tiny!
2. I can’t believe you are already 8 months pregnant! (This only applies when she is actually 8 months pregnant, of course.)
1. You look great/terrific/fabulous!

The Orange Wire: Things that are sometimes okay to say to a pregnant woman (proceed with caution!):
5. Look at you! You’re showing!
4. You have that pregnant glow.
3. The due date will be here before you know it.
2. You look like you’re ready to pop! or, Any day now, huh? (Only say this if you know she is within a week of the due date or overdue. Otherwise, just don’t go there.)
1. You look ready. (Again, only say this to your friend if you know she is full-term and really ready to have the baby.)

The Red Wire: Things you should never, ever say to a pregnant woman:
5. Do you mean that, or is that just the pregnancy hormones talking?
4. Seriously, what are you going to name the baby?
3. You’re so HUGE!
2. I can’t believe you’re only 8 months pregnant!
1. Are you sure you’re not having twins??

(And don't even get me started on perfect strangers asking "was that planned???")

In summary, when in doubt, a genuine "Congratulations!" always works well.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Abbie!

Can we still call you that anymore? Now that you are a full one-year-old? We were the fortunate first ones to hear the news that you were on the way and rejoiced with your parents that they too would know the fun (and craziness) of close-in-age siblings. We were all excited to find out that you were a girl and counted the days until you could join your brother in playing on the foot of our stairs. I even got to be there for a short time while your tough-as-nails mommy managed your labor pains and your big brother snoozed away, oblivious to what was to come. The first time we met you was bittersweet--we held and cuddled you but then also had to break the news that we were moving away from Pittsburgh. We then filled the next few weeks with fun and kept promises to stay as close as we were there. So even though we don't see you nearly enough, we love you, Pretty Gail, and can't wait to see you in just a few weeks. I think Mali has even forgiven us for passing her binkies on to you.

A perfect morning for Meijer Gardens