Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quote of the Day

"Who invented the first sloppy joes?  Adam and Eve?"--Brinnly

Just another January day in Pittsburgh

Every winter we have spent here has included a warm January spread.  Mali really didn't even need her winter coat here.  We used this warm Saturday for a lunch date at Eat and Park and to the Blue Slide! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

On the last day of Christmas...

We had a CRAZY end of 2012 and introduction to 2013.  I meant to blog more about it, but honestly, we just ran out of energy.  Let's just say that an unexpected kitchen remodel while we were gone went haywire and we had lots to do upon our return to Pittsburgh.  In between tears, we did what we do best when times are tough in the Burgh.

 "Hello, Kellie?  Can we all come over?  For a sleepover?  ASAP?  Oh, can you pick up some pizza while you are at it?"  They came through, as they always do, for a New Year's Eve to remember. Once again, our friends and our church family saved the day.  We love them so.

Back to the topic at hand...a week later it was time for the six of us to celebrate the last day of Christmas. Of course, it was a Saturday, so the kids insisted on starting with some early morning TV time.  Then it was on to our new fave breakfast--coconut french toast bake! We exchanged gifts between us and the girls' school Christmas shop purchases were all winners.  It was really a sweet time.  The fact that the COIT Cleaners were cleaning our air ducts at the time just added to the magic.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Remembering December (The Winter Fun Part)

Christmas vacation also calls for making the most out of winter.  This year we introduced the girls to downhill tubing (a winner!), continued the tradition of ice-skating, and tasted Mali's first batch of cake pops.  Lots of sweet memories!  Don't worry, there was still plenty of time to get dolled up and also catch up on the chill-axing.

We couldn't believe how quickly Mali took to tubing--she was old enough and capable enough to go by herself.  Which she did!

Remembering December (The Shunkwiler Part)

Cousin David's Annual Christmas Party

The Gregg Shunkwiler Family

The Shunkwilers--Generation 1
The Shunkwilers--Generation 2

The Shunkwilers--Generation 3

The Shunkwiler In-Laws

Remembering December (The Christmas Part)

It was really a special Christmas.  But aren't they all?  It was filled with candleight worship, beautiful carols, stuffed shells, pretty hairstyles, sippy cups, football team fashion, baby dolls, doll houses, and fashion boots.  We possibly started a new tradition of an after-presents outside walk.  Brinnly quickly demanded "Let's turn this walk into a run!" and I was more than happy to oblige.  After a ham dinner/lunch, we resumed the needed rest and relaxation.

Remembering December (The Birthday Part)

 In case you may have forgotten, December is a pretty important month around here.  A certain thirty-five year old AND a certain one-year-old would be happy to remind you why.  After a quiet birthday here for Mommy on the 21st, we packed up everyone for a trip to Michigan to start the real celebrating.  When a dead battery stopped us in South Bend, IN (SO close to our destination!) we should have taken that for a sign that we had some unexpected happenings in the days ahead.  But we pressed on--there was a party to attend!

 We celebrated our sweet Delaney with the normal doting grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends-we-call-aunts-and-uncles and she was pretty impressed with her new zoo animals. (A zoo membership is also on the way--Woo-Hoo!). 

 Then it was on to the cake!  We don't call her Delaney-Cakes for nothing!  She enjoyed it, but really,  she's more of a sweet-and-sour meatball girl.  Maybe we should call her Delaney-Meatball.  In honor of her big day, she decided a nap strike was in order.  She does look a little bleary-eyed from the combination of low sleep and high sugar.  But the gold-flecked tutu covers it nicely.
And then...even better than Badger Red cupcakes, was a Bridesmaid Brunch for me!  This picture doesn't do it justice, since my sister and mom were there too.  (Baby Sarah Meyer was the only kid to make the invite list and that's because she's my goddaughter).  Grown-up conversation and delightful food with my besties!  We laughed and caught-up and joked a lot about the Santa making the rounds.  What a treat!

And the celebrations would continue...