Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Freshwater Plaza is CLOSED! After a year of hard work by my husband! Such an occasion called for a dinner out at the Chancery. Cheers! 

My Athletes

Look who is playing volleyball!  Go Elm Grove Wildcats! 
Carrigan and Brinnly are now on the school Running Club too and had a great showing at their one Cross-Country meet. I love seeing them run.

And this girl...her current sport is climbing stairs and dishwashers. Every minute of the day! Sometimes her brother joins her.

Park Day

Summer Babies


Happy (belated, belated, belated) birthday to our sweet Brinnly. We celebrated with backyard camping over Labor Day with both families (carmel rolls by her request for breakfast) and then had her two best girlfriends over for a lasagna dinner on her actual day. At her family party, I shared that when God created Brinnly, he must have taken the best parts of each of her grandmothers and combined them for our chocolate AND camping, piano AND sewing girl. It is such a blessing to see so many of those traits in our dear, one-of-a kind Brinnly Ruth.

This year was great for her. She did well with the move and was eager to join a classroom with a handful of girls (and one boy). Lots of giggling and reading and playground games happened. And big sister extraordinaire that she is, the twins' arrival was icing on the cake for her. She is a natural with them. She sits right in between both of them in the van and manages them with them patience and grace. She is loved and admired by all of her siblings.

Brinnly is still our fashionista with an eye on trends but plays hard too. She is currently loving the cross-country team and made great strides in piano too. She and Carrigan enjoy tea parties together (sans fruit!) and she has a special language of her own with "Laney-Poo". And does that girl read!  She is devouring Harry Potter as well as her new Liberty books too. It is so fun to watch.

Brinnly Ruth Ward, you are a wonderful gift from God who brings a smile to our faces every day. Your hugs and cuddles brighten our days. Our family is more joyful because of you. We cannot wait to see how God will bless you in your year ahead. He has certainly blessed us with you.