Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amalia J. Ward, Toothless Wonder

We thought we were winding down from two very exciting days yesterday.  By the time Mali's bus dropped her off in the afternoon, she was exhausted, famished, but still bubbling about everything to do with school.  Homework and dinner time were pretty high-maintence for all of the girls, so we started an early bedtime to coordinate with our weekly Skype date with their grandma & great-grandma.

Just when we had read, prayed, tucked, and kissed goodnight...Mali ran back into our room.  She was trying open something with her teeth (what that was, we still have no idea) and her loose tooth popped right out!  Honestly, we hadn't really believed her when she had mentioned it was loose.  We thought it was wishful thinking.  But, she proved us wrong once again.

It was great that she got to quickly Skype her grandmas again to so they could see her "after" smile and call her other grandma as well.  And she's pretty thrilled that the Tooth Fairy paid $5 (enough to buy a real treat) although she's been informed that subsequent losses will be at a lower rate.

Here's her picture this morning with Delaney.  As Mali put it, "We both have gums!"  (And for some reason, Delaney is wearing a reflective running bracelet)

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School!


The morning our girls have been waiting for!  They were ready on time, dressed in their new uniforms, and had time for a few before-bus pictures.  Brinnly's purple boots and red socks really made the outfit. Carrigan doesn't start until tomorrow but wore her backpack this morning anyway. 

The girls ran to the bus and climbed on together.  It was so precious to watch them sit together and know they they have a partner there in each other.  All of that hard work when they were babies/toddlers together?  Totally worth it for that moment.  According to the teachers, when they arrived at school, Mali dropped Brinn off in Kindergarten first, before heading to first grade.

Helicopter parent that I am, I then loaded up the little two and drove to school to make sure the bus had delivered them safely.  When I saw Brinn, she was hard at work playing play-doh with her "new best friend".  (She is one of the three "Isabella's" in the class, but Brinn doesn't know which one).  Brinn was positively beaming.

Next stop--first grade.  Amalia (as she has chosen to be called this year) was hard at work coloring an outer-space picture.  Outer space is the classroom decoration theme this year. Her teacher is from Michigan and loves science and baking.  Amalia is beyond thrilled with those facts.  She wants to get to school earlier tomorrow to organize her pencil box better.

All reports and the end of the day were good, although Amalia is not happy at all that school started today with only a half-day.  Now that she's in first grade, she plans on going to school every day, all day. I hope 3:05 tomorrow afternoon will be adequate for her.

We thought they would always stay that little

 Remember these little girls?                                                              
 Today they looked like this.

And then ran out to the school bus together and rode to their first day of school.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

School doesn't start until tomorrow...

 So here are two quick shots from the weekend.  (Thanks to Kellie for knowing what buttons to push so my camera produces more than blurry streaks of light).  I love the shot above with a few of the Ward-Ryan clan playing in the "baby pool".  They were so, so busy in there!   And check out the one below--Carrigan is wearing a floatie back-back but Mali's on her own.  She has officially passed the deep-water swim test so she's allowed free reign in the big pool.  And tomorrow we'll kiss her good-bye and send her off to first grade. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I hope Laney is okay being a Longhorn

Amalia has decided and announced that she will go directly from college to grad school.  Two reasons why:  she thinks it will be the best way to manage both of her career goals (fashion designer and chemist) and it will also mean that she can be on campus when Delaney starts her college freshman year.  I'm not sure which reason makes me prouder.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eight Months Old

I am sorry to report that after two days of picture attempts with Pooh, this was the best we can come up with.  Eight month old Delaney has no interest in sitting still for anything these days and was much more interested in wrestling Pooh.  Or climbing the couch.  Or pulling her sisters' hair.  The list goes on.

Our sweetie keeps charming us although her mealtime demands are getting, well, demanding.  As soon as she sees that there are better offerings than cheerios or crackers, she gets a little frantic.  Something with red sauce is more to her liking, although meat and fruit are big winners too.  We can't believe how well she travels--even across states!  (Don't tell anyone, but the piece of orange licorice rope we slipped to her may have something to do with it.  Yes, she is clearly our fourth kid.  Mali would have been offered whole-wheat crackers and breast milk).  Her belly laughs are pretty contagious and she's especially cuddly early morning right when she wakes up, ready to play with her little Eeyore or a board book.  We love that little one--wildness and all.

Porch Painting!

We were so grateful to wrap up our summer traveling and host Grandma & Grandpa here for a few days  Not only did that give us a chance to unpack and attempt to get organized (school starts Monday!) but a huge home improvement project was finally tackled--the porch was painted!  Jonathan and Grandpa coordinated the efforts and had enthusiastic assistance from three verteran painters.  Delaney supplied the entertainment.  Well, actually she spent most of the weekend demanding more sloppy joes and pizza.

Monday, August 20, 2012

August Camping 2012

Forgive the blurry pictures (STILL trying to figure out this camera) but we wanted to show off the some of the "roses" of our annual camping trip with Grandma Deni at Pokagon State Park.  Roses & Thorns is our favorite dinner game and it works especially well around a campfire.  The only thorn, besides a couple of raindrops, was a short-lived stomach virus for me, Brinnly, and Carrigan.  But, we survived, and had a ton of fun. Even managed a family picture--with everyone looking at the camera!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lake House 2012

 What happens when you take this family...
 and add this family to a beautiful home on a gorgeous lake?

A super-fun weekend!  See Kellie's pictures here.

(Delaney especially approved of her first taste of sand.  Yes, there were literally tastes of sand)

A Delaney moment to treasure.

It all started one morning at breakfast.  Delaney was completely unsatisfied with her Cheerios and kept eyeing Brinn's toast.  Sweet sister that Brinn is, she offered her some.  Laney was not impressed.  FINALLY, we figured out what her whines were about.  She really, really wanted a plate. Of. her. own.  So we obliged and we suddenly had a happy baby girl, pleased as punch to show off how grown-up she is.

A few more from the popsicle party...

 We just didn't want to forget the musical chairs and tutus.  As well as Laney's tears when it was "all-done popsicle" time.

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