Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amalia J. Ward, Toothless Wonder

We thought we were winding down from two very exciting days yesterday.  By the time Mali's bus dropped her off in the afternoon, she was exhausted, famished, but still bubbling about everything to do with school.  Homework and dinner time were pretty high-maintence for all of the girls, so we started an early bedtime to coordinate with our weekly Skype date with their grandma & great-grandma.

Just when we had read, prayed, tucked, and kissed goodnight...Mali ran back into our room.  She was trying open something with her teeth (what that was, we still have no idea) and her loose tooth popped right out!  Honestly, we hadn't really believed her when she had mentioned it was loose.  We thought it was wishful thinking.  But, she proved us wrong once again.

It was great that she got to quickly Skype her grandmas again to so they could see her "after" smile and call her other grandma as well.  And she's pretty thrilled that the Tooth Fairy paid $5 (enough to buy a real treat) although she's been informed that subsequent losses will be at a lower rate.

Here's her picture this morning with Delaney.  As Mali put it, "We both have gums!"  (And for some reason, Delaney is wearing a reflective running bracelet)

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