Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School!


The morning our girls have been waiting for!  They were ready on time, dressed in their new uniforms, and had time for a few before-bus pictures.  Brinnly's purple boots and red socks really made the outfit. Carrigan doesn't start until tomorrow but wore her backpack this morning anyway. 

The girls ran to the bus and climbed on together.  It was so precious to watch them sit together and know they they have a partner there in each other.  All of that hard work when they were babies/toddlers together?  Totally worth it for that moment.  According to the teachers, when they arrived at school, Mali dropped Brinn off in Kindergarten first, before heading to first grade.

Helicopter parent that I am, I then loaded up the little two and drove to school to make sure the bus had delivered them safely.  When I saw Brinn, she was hard at work playing play-doh with her "new best friend".  (She is one of the three "Isabella's" in the class, but Brinn doesn't know which one).  Brinn was positively beaming.

Next stop--first grade.  Amalia (as she has chosen to be called this year) was hard at work coloring an outer-space picture.  Outer space is the classroom decoration theme this year. Her teacher is from Michigan and loves science and baking.  Amalia is beyond thrilled with those facts.  She wants to get to school earlier tomorrow to organize her pencil box better.

All reports and the end of the day were good, although Amalia is not happy at all that school started today with only a half-day.  Now that she's in first grade, she plans on going to school every day, all day. I hope 3:05 tomorrow afternoon will be adequate for her.

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