Thursday, January 13, 2011

FIve quick updates

1)  After Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas, we took a quick va-cay to fantastic Milwaukee, WI for New Year's.  As always, the Reinke-Stroh clan spoiled us with lots of good food and even better conversation with lots of kids for entertainment.  Hannah and I even managed a 5K in 50 degree weather and loved it.

2) After coming back to GR, we did our usual family tradition of a special "Twelfth Day of Christmas".  This year, the girls requested a restaurant, specifically one with shrimp.  We were craving some de-tox from so much holiday celebrating so we found a Chinese buffet that included sushi.  Strange, but delish. Mali dubbed it "a walk-around restaurant".

3) We did our final family gifts then too and Carrigan squealed with delight at her oversized candy cane ornament.  We also began officially adding to their snow globe collection since they are really into "collections" of any kind now.

4) Christmas must still be on their minds, since this morning they spent a long time playing "Mary and Joseph".  Poor Carrigan.  The big girls made her be King Herod.  She rebelled by wearing a pink ruffled tutu all day.  I love listening in to their pretend play.  It is an unspoken rule that Brinnly always directs the action and is always the mommy.  Mali surprisingly plays along.

5) the midst of all of this, we've got even bigger news.  After all, it's been over a year and a half since we've had a huge life change.  Stay tuned for the details!


beckarecka said...

Can't wait to hear your big news! It sounds like you've had a full and wonderful holiday season!

Ren@t@... said...

hey follow me! how are you!

Ren@t@... said...


Colleen said...

That's nice. Keep on blogging.

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