Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Kellie

She's usually the one capturing the moment and appropriately documenting it, but for today, the Wards wanted to take time to say a special happy birthday wish to our dear friend  Kellie.

Kellie, thanks for opening your home to us for weeks on end (Literally-- Jonathan lived there for two weeks this winter!), Thanks for cooking us soups and pound cakes, sharing chocolate, schooling along side of us and always saying the right things that we need to hear.  Thanks for putting up with 8:00 am phone calls from Mali, slow runs through Shenley Park, and even Brinnly's newborn screams back in the day.  You encourage us on a daily basis and our lives here are brighter because of you. If we can't be in Michigan for this season of our life, we're happy field tripping with the Ryans.

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Kellie said...

This was so sweet- thank you. My thoughts are definitely reciprocated. We have been SO thankful to have you guys so close again! And are looking forward to many more fun (and relaxing :)) times together!