Monday, February 06, 2012

One year ago today...

We became official Pittsburgh "boomerangs", returning to the place we had that had been good to us years before.  Back then, the Steelers were in the Superbowl,  our girls were a lot smaller, and we were unsure about how our housing, schooling and other situations were going to work out.  We have truly seen God's hand in each of those areas.  (Okay, maybe not in the Steelers' season this year).  Our girls are thriving in a solid, growing, Christ-centered school.  We have renters in our Michigan house and are content renting in a big-enough home in a lovely neighborhood.  Jonathan's daily job provides him challenge and affirmation.   We still spend a lot of time in the living room where this picture was taken--the Ryans' house.  Amalia, Brinnly, and Carrigan are not only older, but in the role of big sister once again.  Delaney is the cherry on top of all of the changes in the past year. 

We still miss Michigan dearly.  We are still unsure of how the next year, decade, and beyond are going to turn out.  Where will we call home next?  But right now we're thankful for how the past 365 days have blessed us.

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