Friday, May 04, 2012

May Weekend To-Do List

1)  Celebrate the Man of the House.  34 years!  Happy birthday to the guy who loves all of his girls in such wonderful ways.  We are so blessed  by him.

2)  A May birthday calls for a party in the park.  Rosemary chicken and rum cake are on the menu.  Can't wait!

3) Not for Laney, however.  Miss Cakes is on to rice cereal and boy, does she love it. Pictures to follow!

4) Mother's Daylunch with Mali and Brinnly at school today.  How sweet (and grown-up!) is that?

5) Pittsburgh Marathon relay on Sunday!  Wish me luck as I run my first 3.5 mile race since Laney arrived.  Sunday morning races also involve a more complicated relay of a kids-race-church combination.  Jonathan offered to bring the girls to watch me finish and I love the idea of encouraging them to run themselves someday.   Actually, our family is now big enough to have a relay team of our own.  Watch for us in the Pittsburgh Marathon 2025!

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