Friday, November 16, 2012

Thirty Thankful Days

"I'm thankful for seafood".--Amalia  (From yesterday)

I am thankful for the dinners we share with each other.  Often it is just six of us, other times we have our extended family visiting, and other times our table is a place we share with guests.  Most likely there is noise and a good deal of mess.  There is often a lot of prep work and clean up.  But it is a reminder of how God richly provides us with our daily bread.  It is our time to come together, practice manners, and share together.  We often do "Roses & Thorns" or learn more about everyone's day at work or school.  We all enjoy tasting new foods together or remembering family favorites. Someday our children will have houses and tables of their own and until then I hope we can be grateful for the silly, noisy, sloppy meals we have together now.

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