Friday, March 01, 2013

Our News

Get out your address books once again folks, and turn to the W section.  The Wards are moving once again!  We have been back in Pittsburgh now for two years, and while we miss so many things (and people!) of the Midwest, we strongly feel that we are exactly where God wants us to be right now.  Our current house...not so much.  We've been renting since we've moved back and the biggest blessing with that is how doing so allowed us to lease (rather than sell) our Grand Rapids house.  In the meantime, we've fallen in love with our location and especially our neighborhood. 

So...we're moving across the street!  Just add a digit to the final number in our address and you are all set.  Our new house is slightly smaller than we had envisioned, but has a lovely floor plan with a deck leading to a great yard.  The matching wooden playhouse appears to be built with little girls in mind.  We're all really excited about it--the combination of a "new" place with as little transition as possible.  Start planning your Pittsburgh vacation to check it out!

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