Monday, May 20, 2013

Still Celebrating!

We couldn't forget our favorite daddy's birthday in the middle of all the activity around our house lately!  PNC Bank was kind enough to schedule a conference in Miami (!) for the weekend of the big day so we had a little low-key family dinner party the day before.  Mali, of course, does nothing low-key.  So while I cooked up our new favorite sweet-and-sour chicken recipe, she coordinated a scavenger's hunt with her sisters.  When Jonathan came home, he read her clues to find all of his sweet cards, and eventually, his Kindle, which had a new book on it for him.  ("Broken", by Rev. Jonathan Fisk. An excellent read, by the way!).  Then we settled in on the porch for dinner and angel food cake with strawberries and Nutella sauce.  Happy, happy 35th to the love of my life and the hero to all of my girls.  What a gift from God he is to all of us.

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