Monday, June 10, 2013

We did it! (The End of the School Year Post)

This blog post was going around FB the past few weeks and it was so, so true.  This was our first time really going through the end of the school year with an elementary school-aged kid and I had no idea it would be so intense.  Field trips!  Picnics!  Awards assemblies!  Teacher gifts!  (Times three--since we had three in school this year!) Thank goodness our school doesn't do "graduation" ceremonies for random grades like I have heard other ones do.

Case in point of the craziness--I chaperoned Brinn's class for a field trip to see the musical "Honk".  It was a lovely show and a nice opportunity for me to be with her class. Three classes from our school were there and all but one kid was dressed in their appropriate green school t-shirts.  Yup, that one kid was my Brinnly because we could only find one green RLS shirt and Mali wore it.  Brinn was stuck with the choice of a yellow RLS shirt or green Valpo High School one. 

All in all, the school year wrapped up nicely. Carrigan's class had a sweet closing ceremony and I was struck how grown-up all of them looked while they sang songs and recited/signed Bible verses.  We are learning more that large groups are a challenge for her but she was confident that day.  I'm especially proud of her work in simply showing up this year.  Brinnly led her class on the stage for the start of their awards ceremony where they showed examples of their day and recited Bible verses and poems.  She did great but was somewhat upstaged by a boy in her class who moonwalked back to his seat after receiving his certificate. (His mom cringed!).  And our Amalia took home a "Mad Scientist" award and "Excellence in Vocal Music" certificate but the cherry on top for her was getting to leave school a little early that day.  Even she's been a homebody lately. It is time for summer.

And in case you needed one more example of the end-of-school craziness--I do have pictures of all of these events. But I can't seem to find either the battery charger for Camera A (which takes better pictures) or the cord to download the pictures I have on Camera B.  A scavenger hunt may need to be first on our summer bucket list.

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