Saturday, July 13, 2013

More summer fun

So, I've recently upgraded to a smartphone and it is currently rivaling my Kindle Fire for favorite possession ever.  One of my goals for it was to be able tor really use it like a second camera and I've finally learned how to transfer pictures on it to Picasa.  Here's proof--and more examples of what fun we've been having this summer. 

 Chuck E. Cheese for Mali's birthday with friends

 Fun new bead crafts
 Fourth of July outfits (One of Laney's all-time favorite phrases is "SO pretty!")

And friends, family, football, and fireworks.  A grand old time.  We bypassed bedtime and took the older girls to fireworks this time to hang out with the Snyders as well.  Brinnly drew looks and comments from other spectators as she exclaimed "Merry Christmas" for any red/green firework displays or "Happy Easter" for pastel combinations. I wouldn't be surprised if we weren't invited back there...

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