Saturday, January 18, 2014

Showering Baby Wissing

I'm still way behind in posting pictures from December (the stomach flu will do that to you), but finally, here are some shots from our chance to shower our sweet niece or nephew.  We had a lovely time celebrating the mama-to-be and baby--in the very same room that Kara and Josh had their rehearsal dinner!  Thanks, Sue, Becky, and Deb!

The baby will be well covered after bath time since he or she received a great assortment of adorable hooded towels.  The girls and I made a fleece-tie blanket for the baby (Mali's idea--there was a LOT of planning involved).  Actually, Grandma Sandy and Jonathan contributed to that labor of love too.  And I'm also pretty excited to see that baby decked out in a onesie from "Aunt" Tonya that says "My Auntie Rocks".  Only about 6 more weeks!

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