Monday, March 02, 2015

The Nesting Urge

And, just for for fun, the other day on the way to my dr. appointment, I talked with the kids about what it could look like someday when they were mothers, heading to their own pre-natal check-ups.  We pretended it was Brinnly, the expectant mom and that the Aunt Carrigan, would pick up Brinnly's older kids from school. Amalia said that they could then come over to Aunt Mali's house to play and that Aunt Delaney would bring over dinner for everyone so Brinnly wouldn't have to cook that night.  Delaney agreed, and determined that it would be pizza, and that "no one would even have to eat the crust!". 
In all seriousness, I think they will be wonderful helpers to each other as grown-ups someday.  One the of the real blessings of a big family.  I really enjoyed this blog post and the links with it the other day on this topic. 

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