Thursday, April 09, 2015

Everly Lou and Grant Jonathan--God's Own Children

 We had a joyful day welcoming Every and Grant into the Church on March 29, 2015.  As Carrigan told Grant that morning, "Did you know you are getting a new family today? Today you will be part of God's family!"  What a precious gift God has given us in this welcoming church.  And to be able to share it with so many loved ones.  A truly special weekend
The babes with their Godparents

Their gowns were lovingly sewn by the best seamstress I know (she just happens to be my mother-in-law).  Grant's wearing the same one his sisters and cousin did, which was made from my confirmation gown. (So fun to finally be able to use that blue ribbon!).  Eve's is new to her, made from the slip in my wedding dress.)

Daddy's side of the family (Mommy's side was delayed by a nosebleed--will try again at Easer)
Friends who feel like family
Grant's godmother is making sure that Delaney never feels displaced. :)
The whole, wonderful crew

My guys in bowties!

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Kellie said...

What a blessed weekend. And wow, are we coordinated!