Friday, July 15, 2016


Our own Amalia June Ward is ten years old! How is that even possible? That sweet seven-pound, ten-ounce girl that we met a decade ago is well on her way to grown up. She is a blessing and a delight to all of us, with an individual personality of her own. This year was her first chance to play on the school basketball and volleyball teams and she loved everything about the experiences. She has yet to score any points, but leads her teams in hustle and positive attitude. She's still a die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan and is now allowed to stay up late to watch any games with her daddy. She's a strong swimmer and hasn't met a water slide she doesn't like. But she has absolutely no use for running for fun, as much as her mama would like her to. She has a big heart and is excellent around her babies, and hates missing them. She dreams of being a home ec teacher or pastry chef or dress designer someday but we hope she uses her God-given gift of planning activities in some manner. Mal-Doll, we love you so very much. Thanks for teaching us how to be parents and loving others with your gift of time. You are such a gift to us!

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