Friday, September 23, 2016


Nine years ago this sweet baby girl was placed into our arms and not only did we get to be parents again, but our Amalia now had her sister. Her partner. Mali adored Brinnly right from the start and it was easy to see why. Brinn was precious and cuddly, learning quickly to smile as well as to express her very own thoughts about things. She's still all of those things and more. She is a cheerful soul--hardworking, friendly, but with a silly sense of humor. She loves fashion (especially shoes), Harry Potter, motorcyles, campfires, and sweet desserts. We see glimpses of each of her grandmas in her personality on a daily basis. She's a wonderful help with the babies and they love her sitting between them in the van. She's still Mali's partner in most of life's adventures and she's Carrigan's and Delaney's biggest role model. 
God certainly gave us a gift in our Brinnly Ruth Ward. Our days were full of busyness and baby care her first year of life, but now they are filled with her hugs and jokes. We are so blessed to have her in the perfect spot in our family and pray that her year ahead is filled with experiences as lovely as her. 

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