Sunday, June 04, 2017

Welcome Joel!

(Just realized that this hadn't been posted yet!  It's been a crazy week!)

We spent our fourth Memorial Day weekend in a row at the Ryans' house this year and this one had an added bonus...their sweet newest baby, Joel Roman.  We've been semi-patiently waiting for everyone in both families to be well enough for us to visit and it finally came together for last weekend. We enjoyed a beautiful late spring day there and even got to meet the Pleasant-Ryan family. The dads took the kids on an epic bike ride while the moms stayed in to chat more and "just" care for the baby and toddlers. We even had the chance to celebrate Iris's birthday with dinner and cupcakes. Such a lovely day!

And here's what that sweet little baby boy looks like. He was simply precious and we all squabbled over who got to hold him the most. We proudly showed off our swaddling skills and he seemed to approve. He reminds me so much of his biggest brother Jack at that stage but I can't wait to see how his own little individual personality complements his siblings. What a gift it is to have a brand new life to celebrate and love. Welcome to the world, Joel Roman Ryan!

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