Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best Buds

If you happen to stop by our house, please make sure you greet our new friends, "Hata", and "Hoshish". (Yes, I know those names are quite diverse-sounding. I'm doing the best I can to guess on the correct spelling). Hata and Hoshish appeared several weeks ago and appear to be semi-permanent figures. At least they are to Brinnly, who is the only one who actually "sees" them and therefore reports on all of their actions. So far we have learned:

1) Hata is a girl and Hoshish is a boy.

2) They usually wear red shirts.

3) They enjoy visiting Texas which is why they were not here one day last week.

4) They can be quite sensitiive. I mentioned the other day that it was such a good day. No time-outs, whining or anything of that sort. Brinnly was quite to remind me that Hata had had a pretty rough day and was crying quite a bit. Poor Hata.

Brinnly-Bug, you never cease to make us laugh!


Anonymous said...

Will Hata and Hoshish be coming to Berrien Springs next weekend? I'll have to find a place for them to sleep if they are! Also, what do they like to eat?

Grandma Sandy

Anonymous said...

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aunt julie said...

To funny.... Trent and Lauren never did the imaginary friend thing. I hear it is quite the exsperience! love you all!

Anonymous said...

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